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Game Development Portfolio

As a solo indie game developer, I design, code, draw, model, animate and create music for all of my projects. I chiefly work in Unity, though I have some experience with Unreal 5 and Godot as well. Work showcased below! Unless specified otherwise, all assets in the below projects were created by me.


A simple physics-based puzzle game about knocking down blocks with a tank in as few shots as possible.

  • Physics-based puzzles

  • 30 levels

  • 3-star scores for each level

  • Steam Deck Verified

One More Dungeon

Status: In development

A mobile dungeon crawler. Level up multiple characters, choose the right character for the right dungeon, get rare items.

  • Save and load system for multiple characters with modular equipment

  • Instantiate item from scriptable objects on scene load. 

Untitled Music Game

Status: Unreleased

An unreleased rhythm-action-adventure combat-platformer. Traverse a magical musical landscape that sways and bobs to the music.

  • Modular music system that blends riffs into the music on the fly and controls the environment, traps and enemies.

  • Enemy attack patterns based on musical patterns - knights will swipe at you in time with riffs, while hammerbirbs will strike in time with the kick or the snare.

  • Utilisies the Koreographer plugin from Sonic Bloom to drive Unity events.

The Lightshield Report

A narrative-driven detective game based around interviewing suspects and uncovering clues. All assets and game design created in approximately 35 hours as part of The Case of the Thinky Game Jam 2023.

  • Branching dialogue

  • Narrative paths unlocked based on previously acquired information

  • Uses Yarn Spinner plugin to drive dialogue system and some state management.