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Music composed for a variety of projects, including video, podcast, and videogame applications.

Any style, any genre, any mood. 

I Refuse To Die On Some Distant Moon

A dramatic score to a science-fiction/fantasy story that takes our protagonist on a journey through discovery, to despair, to determination.

Intro - Bulbous Blue Trees and Chasing Quop-hoppers (0:00)
Part I - Buggy Chase Over the Moon Dunes (0:25)
Part III - Utter Desolation (1:42)
Part IV - I Refuse To Die On Some Distant Moon (3:07)
Part V - Hope, Duct-Tape, and Rocket Science (4:09)

Overworld Theme - The ARMARDISP

The ARMARDISP, physics-based puzzler, needed an overworld theme that communicated the style and feel of the game - light, fun, not too stressful - but one which could loop while the player trundled around the gameworld without getting old. A wandering theme on guitar, bass, drums and kazoo takes us through 3 solos, keeping the sound consistent but always fresh.

Zip, by Mike Scrase - Kickstarter Video Backing

The brief was to evoke the echoes of a superhero story, but with a grungy, dark aesthetic that takes you away from the clean, clear triumphalism of a classic Marvel or DC tale.
The synopsis required rapid shifts between moments of high energy, great pathos, and sinister mystery...
Check out the music as implemented in the video here:…uperhuman-comic

Boss Battle Babeeeee

Inspired by chiptune sounds, as well as 90s Saturday-morning cartoon themes, this is the final battle, the big showdown, time to down those potions and summon those summons. And if that doesn't work, stand in that one corner your friend's older brother told you they can't get you in and spam heavy attack.

At What Cost

A short piano and synth piece full of regret, contemplation, but perhaps acceptance. The synth sounds like it wants to scream, but the piano leads this dance, and it moves slowly, considered, mindful.

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