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Go Up

A short fantasy novel about a young man who has a few points he'd like to raise with the Almighty.

Available in paperback and e-book. 

100 Stories Tall Podcast

A storytelling podcast; telling tales of the finest narrative quality, with a sardonic finish and notes of existential terror.

  • Adventures in impossible worlds

  • A deep space discovery which could change everything

  • Some guy who has to go the bank on a Saturday.

All free, no adverts, just my soothing voice telling you some stories I made in my head. I mean, it's basically just extended lying.

Layabout Magazine

A lifestyle magazine for the dressing-gown and Coco Pops set. Learn about the newest sofas, official melted cheese rankings, and the latest nap tips. 

Read the online edition here, or get in touch to request a print copy.

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